Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 3 “Breaker of Chains”

In the aftermath if Joffrey’s murder, Sansa finally gets out if the city and is delivered to Lord Baelish. I wonder now if Lord Baelish is responsible for the death of Joffrey based on his comments that he made the necklace and then crushing the stone.

Poor Margaery. So close and yet so far from being queen. Her grandmother remains the smartest person in the whole kingdom.

Now to the elephant in the room – Cersei and Jamie in the sept with Joffrey’s body lying right there, arguing. And Jamie feels compelled to take what he feels is his due and rapes
Cersei on the floor with Joffrey’s body right next to them.

In watching this scene several times over the past week and reading what other bloggers had to say on this issue, I think Cersei’s main complaint isn’t that Jamie is trying to have sex with her but that he’s doing it in the room with Joffrey’s dead body. Nothing excuses rape. But her protestations are “It’s not right. It’s not right. ” meaning they shouldn’t be having sex in the sept with Joffrey’s dead body in the room. If he weren’t in the room, it probably would have been consensual. (And from what I’ve read, in the book it is.)

Aria is really learning fine negotiation skills but still seems so naive about The Hound and how he will behave. She expect him to have a firm moral compass and when he does stray from one of his “rules” she is completely outraged.

Some of these lesser plot lines are a little slow and a little boring and I feel like they add 2-3 minutes of these plot lines just because they have to but it doesn’t seem like they add much. However, I do like seeing the relationship that is developing between Sam and Gilly. I hope he is able to continue to build on the relationship.

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