Day 14 of the Missing iPad

Updated Sunday April 27th
The iPad has been found!!! Oliver found it under his bed!! (Even though we looked there twice it somehow got covered up by toy boxes.)

We have one iPad that the kids and I share. It was my 40th birthday present to myself because my ex had just moved out and I had expected that my 40th would be this big celebration. The boys and I have cherished this iPad. It has been a source of entertainment for them and for me. When they go to bed, I relax in bed with either a few different games, a magazine, a book or Facebook. My journal app is also on there.

On Friday April 11th the boys were playing with the iPad before going to their dad’s house and set it down somewhere when he arrived to pick them up and it hasn’t been seen since. I immediately uses the “Find My IPad/iPhone” app but it was “offline” so I put it in lost mode, added a password and my phone number and tore the house apart.

In the past two weeks we’ve torn apart almost every room in this house. The only thing I can think of at this point is that it sprouted legs and walked away because no one else has turned it on within the vicinity of a wifi signal. (If it were turned on then I would immediately receive an email and the iPad would be locked and show my phone number to call to return the iPad.

It is also engraved with my name! I know it is somewhere in the house and we have looked absolutely EVERYWHERE! Monkeyboy and I even looked INSIDE the couch in case it somehow slipped down the crack and got stuck down there. (No luck, wah!)

MonkeyBoy pointed out that if I get a new job I’ll be able to get a new iPad. But I’m rather attached to this one. This one saw me through the long period of unemployment, the death of my dad; it’s entertained my kids through hours in the car as we travelled to Utah to visit family and it’s been my refuge at the end of the day when I’m too tired to do much else. I don’t want another one – I want this one! This one is special and I just want it to show up!!!


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