I’m lucky that my Rosie is the perfect girl for me. When we lost Nikki in 2011 we knew we wanted to get another dog but not another Shih Tzu because of all the grooming and frenchies seemed like the perfect breed. Funny and silly, don’t need tons of exercise but willing to go on walks and to the dog park as much or as little as we wanted. So we started looking.

After getting burned on a transaction I was really worried that we were ever going to find the right dog and then I found an ad from a breeder in Spokane who had a small litter of fawn puppies and Rosie (named willow at the time) was available. I sent my deposit.

Then came the complication of getting her – it’s an eight hour drive to Spokane and they couldn’t meet me half way as they’d already done a trip the previous weekend so I booked a flight. It wasn’t very much on Horizon and I managed to book it so that I was taking the same plane home the I took to Spokane but it didn’t leave me much time on the ground (about 30 min) so we had to be quick! We signed papers they gave me the puppy in her blanket and I put her in her carry on bag and we got on the plane to go home where she promptly fell asleep.

She has been by my side ever since. When I don’t feel well, she’s right by my side. When I do feel good she’s willing to do whatever I want to do right by my side. She is my half. She is the perfect dog.